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5 Steps to Success Your Upline Won’t Teach You!

Something I often hear from those new (or not so new) to network marketing is  ..."my upline doesn't realise they're an online spammer! 

And when they start doing their own thing ... they get snubbed for not following their uplines advice.

Well at least until their upline starts seeing the kick-ass results coming in from a more cutting-edge online recruiting method  (keep reading to learn more ) ...

I know because I’m one of those peeps who wanted to do things a bit differently.

You see, I’m very much an introvert, with a small social circle.

So, I was horrified when I was told to do a 100 list and got the sweats at the thought of having to contact 10 - 20 people every day.

I cringed when I read the ‘cut and paste’ messages. I couldn’t believe I was expected to send them to people I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years. The ones to complete strangers were even more nauseating!

And along with being an introvert, I’m also very much the homebody … so ‘smashing it out’ with home parties, hotel meetings and coffee dates wasn't going to happen either. 

Albeit, I did try their way ... but I was absolutely miserable … the amount of messaging created a cesspool of overwhelm and the deafening silence kicked my confidence to the curb! 

It was just one huge OUCH

So, you’re probably thinking … ‘what on earth is she still doing in this industry’?  To be honest I’d be thinking the same thing!  

Well …  those ‘old school’ methods worked … there’s no doubt about it. It’s just that from my experience … they don't work well today … certainly not for me. 

That’s why I use a method better suited to my personality and to today's way of life … proven online strategy.

Proven, because I’ve seen the results of others and I’ve also experienced them myself ... in the last few months over 300 people have joined my business … I rank advanced 5 times in 4 months – twice in 1 month!

And in the last 30 days I’ve woken up to over 200 new leads in my in box … on auto-pilot… whilst sleeping!

Thank god I found this strategy!  

No old school antics for me!  

I'm just following 5 STEPS ... I've shared them below! 

At the end of the day, everyone wants to know the ‘best way’ to build their business.  

So, it really comes down to this …

Before choosing your magic system’ you should actually consider the most important component of your success: YOU!

We all have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. And these factor into what works best for us as individuals.

I’m a great example! 

I’m an introvert, a home body with a small social circle yet have still achieved great results in the networking industry …

Because I chose a method that suits me ...a proven online method!

If your leaders built their business a while ago and had success using cold calling recruiting methods, then as far as they’re concerned, those methods are the best. 

So be prepared to harass’ friends and family and constantly cold call complete strangers to attend your non-stop events.

If your upline splashes income claims and product posts all over their social media, backed by ‘amazing ground floor opportunity’ cut and paste messages, then that’s what’s going to be in your learning module. 

So be ready to spend hours friending people only to scare’ them off with spammy posts and sales pitches.

But ... if chasing friends and family and prospecting strangers online, at home parties or hotel meetings isn't your thing ...

... that’s totally cool, they don’t appeal to me either!

That’s exactly why I went in search of another way … a way that suits me and my personality. 

This proven online strategy  teaches me to attract people who are already interested in what it is I have to offer.  This means there’s no need for me to spam or chase people!  Holy Crap!! 

And since learning a different approach, I've attracted a global online tribe of over 2000 followers WITHOUT organising one home party or spending hours sending annoying messages. 

So, if you’re at a crossroad … I recommend you figure out which way works best for YOU sooner rather than later! 

If it comes down to being confronted by your upline or upsetting people in your company … let them know that you prefer to approach your business using strategies more in line with YOUR interests and strengths.

If they have an issue with it, it’s THEIR problem and if that’s the case, you may want to consider joining an organisation, a leader, a team, that uses and supports the methods you wish to pursue … (and my door is open!

Remember, this is YOUR business.

So, make ‘business decisions’ and don't stay with an unsupportive upline because you have some cultish separation anxiety issue! 

And just for the record, I’ve tried to build my business in the different ways … home and hotel meetings, hitting up strangers, prospecting bartenders, messaging friends and family. 

But after just a few months, things looked and felt pretty dismal. So, I decided to build my business in a way that reflects who I am and the age we’re living in.

On top of all that … I didn’t have to create anything new or even re-invent the wheel … someone had already done the work for me … I just needed to plug in, learn some new skills and take action!

What my mentor showed me was a way of building that actually turned my networking business into a HOME business (i.e. build while at home) … a real GLOBAL business (i.e. work with people from anywhere) by using the power of the internet.

To get the scoop on on what I'm doing, click here so you too can learn how to massively expanded your network and grow your business by having high-quality prospects come to you ... just like me!

So to round it up … here’s 5 STEPS you need to do to have people come to you and beg to join your team in the same way countless 6 and 7-figure earners have learned from my mentor.

5 Steps To Making 'Online' REALLY Work For You

STEP 1 – Find the best Target Market

The best target market consists of people who have already said YES to what it is your offer (e.g. a home business or the like).

Why, because it enables you to laser-focus your efforts on solving THEIR problems and addressing THEIR needs.

STEP 2 – Demonstrate value 

Demonstrate value and leadership through educational content and effective marketing and you’ll never have to chase or try to convince people to join your business.

STEP 3 - Create resources that sell for you

I don't know about you , but I will absolutely not sit on the phone all day, cold calling and messaging people about my opportunity.

Instead, with the help of my mentor, I’ve set up a simple website that actually does the ‘selling’ for me.

STEP 4 – Build YOU Inc. 

Don’t just focus on building a network marketing opportunity ... it may not be around in 5 years.

Instead focus on building your brand (i.e. YOU Inc.), a community, email list and reputation you can take wherever you go.

Remember, your network marketing business is just the vehicle … you’re your TRUE business.

STEP 5 - People who say no are awesome 

A key to bringing stability to your income is accepting that 90% of the people you find will say 'NO' to your products or opportunity.

I’m learning to make these people customers in other ways. I’m learning to provide solutions to their biggest problems and needs.

I'm learning to create multiple income streams!

And this is what my mentor has created … 

Not only did he quit his job …

Not only did he become a 6-figure earner in his company …

Not only did he grow a 7-figure income within 4 years …

He also hasn’t prospected a single stranger or shared his opportunity with a family member in almost a decade.

By focusing on solving problems and adding value to an industry, he attracted literally 300-500 networkers per day to his email list.

He generates between 10-50 customers per day …

And about 50-60 per month decide they want to become serious business-builders with his help.

You can find all the details of the strategy he personally used to build his 7-figure empire here in his free training.

In it, he shares online business building strategies he still uses today to build an online network marketing empire WITHOUT sending a single private message.

If you’re like me and prefer to actually BE HOME while building your home business and do it in a way that generates prospects and customers while you're sleeping, eating, or out with friends then … 

You Owe It To Yourself To Check It Out

All you can do is look at what’s being shared and see for yourself.

And once you learn these skills, trust me…

You'll start down the path towards building a business where high-quality prospects come to YOU!

So click here to get access to the proven online strategy and start building your business online - the right way - today!

I hope this offered you some perspective and things to think about.

Talk soon



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