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From Computer Desk To Laptop Lifestyle 

It is my mission to help YOU. To be your messenger of information. To share MODERN social media strategies - attraction marketing, branding, lead generation – and help you grow a focused mindset for success, so YOU CAN take your business from being  'Ordinary to Extraordinary'


I'm Karen Arnstein and following is a little bit about how my new journey started ....

Throughout the years I have survived excruciating heart break, am a breast cancer survivor and cared for my Mum before she passed away from Motor Neuron Disease. Since her passing and moving through the grief, my need to find myself, to live with purpose, has been overwhelming.

In an effort to break away from the ‘9 to 5 grind’ and to stop drifting through life, I came across Network Marketing. I researched, read stories, saw the success of others and marvelled at how they were living the entrepreneurial lifestyle. This is what I wanted – the ‘laptop lifestyle’ – to be able to do something I loved, to help people any time, from anywhere and be paid for it, be paid for being me.

Yet I was ill-prepared for what seemed like endless exchanges of conversations, waiting for someone, anyone to mention their ‘problem’, only to be met with objections, rejection and a cupboard full of products. Friends and family were running a mile, conversations with ‘strangers’ began oozing with frustration and I was struggling to maintain enthusiasm with my team. Needless to say, my career in Network Marketing was short-lived.

My saving grace was the exposure to self-development and I embarked on a journey of personal growth. I am now discovering the benefits of coaching and am undertaking a Credentialed Advanced Practitioner certification. I quickly learnt that growing this type of business also heavily relies on networking and was seeing other coaches struggle to maintain momentum in growing their business.

Yet because I felt sick at the thought of being a slave to the 9 to 5 grind, I was determined to find a way to help people and learn how to create my own business at the same time. And I did!

Funnily enough, around the same time, I was offered a voluntary redundancy. I plucked up the courage to finally say goodbye to a stable, yet unfulfilling ‘job’ and live with purpose, fulfilling my soul whilst helping the needs of others.

I now specialise in helping Network Marketers learn take their businesses online and leverage the internet by using MODERN social media strategies - attraction marketing, branding and lead generation – and grow a focused mindset for success, so they take their Network Marketing business from 'Ordinary to Extraordinary'

I look forward to providing tips,  trainings and  loads of value so you can build your business and become the success I know you can be. 

If you want to start building your business online, click here to go through to the Attraction Marketing 10 day mini-course (a daily email and short video).  It will show you how you can build your business (around your job or your family if need be) so you don't have to chase family, friends and uninterested strangers nor deal with the objections and rejections again! 

Thank you for reading my story