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How To Avoid The 5 Most Fatal Network Marketing Mistakes Made On Social Media

Are you wondering why your social media posts aren't getting any likes, shares or  ‘more info please’?  Or why you're not getting any responses to your messages, or even worse, why you're being blocked or deleted?

Contrary to what you're being taught by your upline, you're posts and messages are most likely annoying people, making them cringe or feel used! 

I know this because I was annoying AND I got the silent treatment ... BIG time! Until I learnt how to use social media to grow my business WITHOUT annoying anyone!

I was lucky enough to be introduced to some free training that quickly taught me what NOT to do online - the 5 most fatal social media mistakes - which I've summarised below. 

And I've gone on to learn some other pretty cool strategies that have helped me establish a business, earn online and rank twice in 1 month!

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The 5 Most Fatal Social Media Mistakes

  1. You constantly talk about your company and its products on your personal Facebook page
  2. 90% of your posts are before and after pics
  3. 90% of your selfies have your product in full view
  4. You message people you haven’t seen in years and start the conversation with "I know this is coming out of nowhere…”
  5. You send a ‘copy and paste’ message to complete strangers with a link to your business asking them to join you or buy your product

If you’re nodding your head to any or all of the above (like I did), then it's probably time for you to learn a more modern strategy!

Now I’m not saying to delete your social media account and completely go back to café meetings, home parties and hotel events.

There’s actually a time and a place for these traditional ways … believe it or not they do still work.

But … if you’re a homebody like me, the traditional ways may make you feel uneasy with having to talk it up with strangers.

So being online makes sense.  It’s the smartness, most effective and potentially the most profitable way to build your business.

In the last few months over 290 people have joined my business … I rank advanced 5 times in 4 months – twice in 1 month with the help of  a proven online strategy.

Now before I share ​the essence of this online strategy​, here’s one of the quickest ways to start being a successful networker

Don’t Give Away the Name of Your Company

Sounds weird right?

How are people going to say yes, if they don’t know who or what they’re saying yes to?!

The thing is, by giving it all away, people just see you as a sales rep working 24/7.  You’re saying that the ‘thing’ is what they need – not you.

When what you really want is for YOU to be seen as the problem solver, the expert, the authority, the solution … not “The Company” not “The Thing”. 

By giving away the name of your company, you’re giving away the rights to being their trusted adviser.

When people see the name, Google Search becomes their best friend. They do their own research, read bogus reviews and make misinformed decisions. 

Even worse, they could buy or join with someone else.

Instead, create a little mystery and enough curiosity so they have no other option than to ask YOU what you’re doing. 

Focus on what YOU can do for them.  

Create the ATTRACTION to you​!

Great networkers position themselves as the expert who helps people solve their problem – they've learnt to stand out in their own crowd!

When I Stopped Prospecting My Business Came Alive!

And here’s the thing …

When I stopped prospecting … when I stopped doing all the things that got me the silent treatment, my business came alive! 

It was such a relief when I stopped prospecting and rubbing people the wrong way! 

To talk to people without having a hidden agenda was a massive weight off my shoulders.

I've attracted an online tribe of over 1900 followers and quality leads WITHOUT spending hours sending annoying messages!

I now LOVE my business!

How Do I Grow My Business If I Don’t Prospect?

By now you’re probably wondering … how do I grow my business if I don’t prospect?

Well, rather than spending hours posting about how great my company products are and pushing my link on to everyone ...

I've learned how to use social media to attract the right people. People who are actually interested in what I have to offer and actually want my link! I learned how to make my business come alive with the right people!

So, what’s the ‘attraction’ part all about?  Well imagine this

Waking up every day to an inbox full of commissions, new leads and people joining your team ...

Feeling free from the burden of selling and the awkwardness of pushing your link on to people. 

Knowing this happened because you put your hand up to learn a proven step by step system that attracts the right people for your business  … a system that you can share with your team.

This is 'Attraction Marketing'

And if you’re thinking ‘this sounds too good to be true’,   I totally get it! Trust me, I actually thought it was a scam… until I saw the results my friend was getting!

I was desperate, I wanted my dream. I wanted the location free income stream.  I was so ready to try something different. I was so over getting the silent treatment … I was ready to join my friend at being successful.

So, if you’re sick of the silent treatment, if you want your business to come alive with a proven strategy then get started with this FREE Online Training Series here.

Be Do Give and You Certainly Can Have It All!

Talk soon

 x KA x


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